Fantastic & Delightful Stay at Chateau Valandraud

If you like fine wines, certainly you may wish to stay at Chateau in Bordeaux someday. In fact, Chateau Valandraud has accommodation for anyone, any tourists.

In 2016, I’ve stayed and enjoyed so much. It was not decorative, but truly delightful.

What is Chateau Valandraud ?

A new chateau in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux. Chateau Valandraud is called one of the “Cinderella wine” because it has joined the ranks of premium wines soaring prices in a short period of time. To precedent, Chateau Le Pin is also called in the same thing.

Escalating price of Chateau Valandraud has caused by increase in order to the small-lot production, because of a famous wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr.

For 1993, R.Parker scored the highest point in the Bordeaux wines of the year, and commented “the unbelievably concentrated 1993 Valandraud is a tour de force (=masterpiece) in a vintage that does not seem capable of producing wines such as this.”

Immediately, rich collector of wines got to looking for it all over the world. 1995 Valandraud has been traded at twice price of 1er grands crus chateaux en primeur (=futures buying).

Then, also worldwide wine boom was in same time, 1995 Valandraud became be difficult to obtain even $1,200 a bottle.

After that, only 21 years from Chateau founded, Chateau Valandraud is rated premier grand cru class B in Saint-Emilion (14 Chateau only). In tradition of Bordeaux, it is an exceptional success.

Chateau Valandraud is one of the best wines made from Merlot grapes. Now, number of production volume increased, also price settled down.

Vintage in the 2010s you can find some stock in about 20,000 yen at wine shop online in Japan.

Booking and Price
Chateau Valandraud (B&B)

Always, Chateau Valandraud is my favorite wine. so when I heard that “Valandraud has B&B (bed and breakfast)”, I thought “I must visit there !” and started planning.

As search result, it seems originally the guest house for VIP who visit the winery. Now it is opened to tourists.

Immediately I tried to book by “Expedia” and “”, but not be found. For now, available at “” only. Total number of rooms is only about 5. I think all booking is managed and provided by

When I browsed the website, already rooms (about $150) were not available. I booked the widest room (about $240 with balcony). Room for 3 person is reasonable by bill-splitting.

Then I suggested plan to my friends who was planning trip to Bordeaux at the same time. They said “what ? stay at Chateau Valandraud !? great plan !” and readily accepted.

The Best Location for Wine lovers

“Chateau” may be in the image of prestige castles and noble’s mansion, but in Bordeaux, every small family run wineries are Chateau. In particular, Chateau Valandraud is a new wine producer, and called one of “garage wine” meaning very small winery (Valandraud really has small warehouse like a truck garage as cave).

On my first visit to Valandraud, because it was in May, there were no ripe fruit of grapes, such as the harvest season. However, as far as the eye can see, landscape of vineyards was very beautiful and spectacular.

In the morning, view from the balcony was great, I couldn’t help shooting video.

(small video / 38 sec / 4MB size)

Though, feeling of real scale is beyond movie. So, please enjoy the full-scale spot in your eyes.

Wine lovers have ability to be impressed by just the view of vineyards 😉

Shared lounge for guests. This official picture looks very wide, but it is compact and cozy.

There is a pool in the yard, but it might be closed depending on the season or maintenance. Confirmation is required.

Continental breakfast

Fried egg, Plenty of bread and cheese. When the weather is fine, you can have breakfast on the terrace as like top image on this page.

For dinner, you could go outside or cook for yourself in a shared kitchen.

If you go to nice wine restaurant in Saint-Emilion. I recommend La Terrace Rouge managed by Chateau la Dominique. It has good landscape and reasonable priced wines. (I will post other review later)

Winery Visit and Tasting

We joined tour with dedicated guide for understanding Chateau Valandraud’s wine making.

In Saint-Emilion city, we can buy wine at Valandraud’s own retail.

Of course, tasting Chateau Valandraud is included. Vintage 2011 is previous to upgrade rating premier grand cru class B. Obviously delicious, at now (2016) it seems a little young yet. It may be good to drink after 2020.

Note : Winery visit is available by appointment.

Registered guest has benefit of winery visit tour. But, tour and your stay might have different schedules (for example, you check out at day-off or no tour). you must confirm in advance. This time, I communicated with different person in charge of the tour and accommodation.

Any tourists other than guests of Valandraud, from public winery tour, may visit together.

Access Chateau by Car

Chateau Valandraud is on vineyard located far from Saint-Emilion city. Car or taxi is needed. I saw other guests have private car, rental car, transportation service.

≫ To Valandraud, taxi ride from station “Libourne”, or tourist information “Office de Tourisme” at central Saint-Emilion city will tell you taxi sign. I took an optional tour “from Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion” found at VELTRA. In advance I asked tour conductor to drive to Valandraud.

≫ From Valandraud, I got business cards of local taxi drivers at reception desk in the entrance, and called to pick me up.

Finding more info,
Booking more simple

Over 250 reviews by guests who had stayed at Chateau Valandraud for real are very useful. It is highly acclaimed by voices of experience.

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